learn web designing

learn web designing

learn web designing for Free !- Step by step:

learn web designing for Free !- Step by step: You want to design a website or you want to become a web designer Sign Up here website is a major component in any business or personal profiles (Profile on web) you can earn money by doing job and freelance. Web designer profession is ultimate profession for revenue generation. In my  career  I see lot of people struggling to get income in a smart way .And I suggest some people who are my friends and my cousins why don’t you Choose web designing career.  This learn web designing articles consist step by step processes it take time to finish the course so we divided it into sessions in each session we will publish the web designing concepts and we are not going to publish lengthy theory our focus is on practical mode only.

Let start learn web design free

My all session are practical methods why I am choose only practical

Practice policy works any where . Now I’m preferring you and others practice can shape you as a diamond.

Follow the steps to start practice

  1. Create a free web host and free domain – follow below
  2. Get little bit knowledge on HTML and CSS.

Why you have to follow these two steps

A website is a world wide web it needs a server (hosting space) to display the website through out the world. If you get idea on hosting 15% of learning is done. what is the need of using free web host because practicing is better in free web host. After you get knowledge its better to go for paid hosting.

What is the purpose to get knowledge on HTML and CSS

  •  HTML and CSS are used to display the content, images and colors etc.,
  • HTML is a hyper text mark up language which is used to create electronic documents (Web pages)
  • CSS is a Cascading style sheet it is used for styling the text images, backgrounds etc.

Detail explanation will be made in coming article

In learn web designing article I am going tell basic part i.e., step by step in easy way

To design a website it take 20 minutes if you have basic knowledge + goggling knowledge

Web designing is a creative art and styling the page it needs only low level  coding skill for static websites. Now a days website become more power full for all type of business. In this article I am explaining about , ‘learn web designing’. My explanation will be in a sequence manner after reading my article you can post your doubts in comment box.  First you need to know the basic ideas which is mentioned below.

  1. first you need to know the what is website
  2. What web Technologies used for Website creation.
  3. color schemes
  4. optimizing the images .
  5. follow w3c standards.

First you need to know what is website:

The website is related to world web wide which works on domain name (To point your website) and web hosting (Space to set up your website files). It gives the information to users what you do and branding your Company name.

What web Technologies used for Website creation:

For Designing a website These Web Technologies are used

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3 Adv (Bootstrap)
  •  Image Editing Tools (Photoshop, CorelDraw etc.,)
  • Editors (Dream Weaver, Note pad++,etc.,)
  • Scripts (jquery, javascript etc.,)

Color Schemes:

are nothing but catching the eye attentions color schemes are combinations of vibrancy, contrast & complementation for every designer needs to choose colors based on major color I will explain in detail in coming web design tutorial

Optimizing the images:

It reduces the image size which leads to accesses the website very quickly. Images will increase the website size more. By optimization, We can improve the website performance points are listed below for optimization.

  1. Eliminating and replacing images
  2. Vector and Raster images.
  3. Implications of high-resolution.
  4. Optimizing Vector Images.

Follow w3c Standard:

Means standards for coding, page design, and browser compatibility. Browser compatibility is efficiently displaying the HTML code and carry out the scripts on web pages. To display same structure on every browser

What you need to build a website

First, you need to take a domain – Domain is an address for your website which gives identity to the website. To get this domain names you have to buy it online or you can get free domain names but before your domain name their domain name included Ex: www.websoftbuzz.com/yours domain name. It is better for who are learning web designing for practice purpose.

The second thing is HOSTING – it is a space for allocating files on the server there is different types of hosting are available in feature article you get here also there is free and paid versions are there in free web hosting. My suggestion is you are going to learn website designing so you have to prefer free web hosting. If you want free web hosting need to create an account on free web hosting site. If you get any problem when you create a free web hosting just comment below my article or you can use reach at  [Facebook and Twitter]

How to setup Free web host

Click here for sign up

You get this page

free web host page

How it useful to you

you will learn real-time process by following these steps when you join in any organization it will become easy in production. Most of the beginners are just learning and entering as a web designer. Later they are facing more problems when they get into production because they don’t have real-time experience.

If you get any doubts on this learning web designing you can reach my [facebook or twitter]

Now its time to end this session in [coming session] your going to learn web designing methods and how to take the domain and how to set up for a paid version. To get my Notifications to your mail subscribe me. Don’t forget to subscribe you may miss the chance to become a smart Web designer

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