create a web host

create web host


You want to setup website in online or you are confusing to  create a web host

In online service their is lot of web host services are available. But don’t know how to use it and how to choose right plan in create a web host teach you every thing top to end just be prepare to create web host.

Don’t worry I’m here:
by Simple 5 steps you will launch your website
Step – 1 Go to Bluehost website- clicking here

Step – 2 Click on  Hosting

Step – 3 Different types of hosting are available

You can choose according to your requirements.


         1. Standard Plan: Standard plan accepts only single domain  those who are want only single website they can go for this hosting plan. In my point of view it is better to go more than one domain plan because single website is not enough to get more money in market so you have to implement more ideas  if you have more than one domain you don’t need to invest again. 

How to create web hosting

           2. Business PlanBusiness Plan is for who wants to host  more than one website they can go for it and cost also not much differ from above plan.domain check

3. Pro Plan: This plan for unlimited domain those who wants to host multiple websites they can go for this hosting. You can earn money by hosting other websites



Step – 4  Select your plan which is fit for your idea.After click on your plan you get a messages.

If you select YES already you must have your own domain name then enter that domain name in given box click on Continue.

If you don’t have domain name click on NO it will ask register for domain name.

Check Before going to Continue their is two check boxes see below

email hosting

Site lock  and Code Guard if you want this two services they charge for this services. it is not required for you remove tick mark next Click on Continue.

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Upto 30%* Off on Hosting for 1 year & a Free .COM Domain with every Hosting plan.The Free domain is only eligible against an active hosting order. If the hosting order is deleted within 30 days, Rs.1500 will be automatically charged against the domain name.

Step – 5 if you not get coupon code use this code BHFRCOM39HOST for  39% Discount

web hosting order-summary

After complete your payment you are ready start now..

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