[7 Proven Reasons] Why do you need a website

[7 Proven] Reasons Why do you need a website


7 Proven Reasons Why do you need a website
benefits of a website for small business and job seekers – WebSoftBuzz

Who are business owners not having  a brand for your business then you need to have a website for growing your brand in the market

Now a day’s website building is very easy and inexpensive. Anybody can do website building without any coding knowledge By using the website you can interact with more customers.

It is one of the freeways to Advertise your business

Before going to know who should have a website I will put a question on you why do you need a website.

With this question, you can run a successful business with this question you get a chance to participate in Global Market with this question you may get a good job if you are job searcher.

This all happens to be with having a website at online that’s it.

The importance of having a website is to providing great valued information to your customers.

By publishing good content on a business website the customer can easily trust your brand.

It is very helpful to grow your brand in an easy way.

Website Working Procedure

If a person wants to buy a product or service. That person opens the internet and typing your company address like www.websoftbuzz.com.

immediately it displays all information on your web about your services.

Here you will be saving your time and money.

How it is possible

Yes everything possible in 4G

A single website can accesses multiple users at a time at any location in the world.

No need to run for the customer just at your remote place all things you can grab

I will show you a scenario how a website can get more profits

Why do you need a website for all business people

One marketing person = a single customer

i.e., 1*1 = 1 sale

a single website * Multiple Users

i.e., 1 website * 100 customers = 100 sale

So why don’t you try to utilize this scenario for your Entity it is a platform to introduce your business to the world.

Any person or any Business needs a value or professionalism then only we get uniqueness from all the things.

We must different from others then only we will attract the customers.

Without value to your business is you get a good reputation for your business? No chance.

without a Website means like a bird without feathers

Once check your competitors a successful business maintain a website its 400% fact.

Still, you may be getting a doubt why it is so important

Let’s Start

My 7 Reasons telling you who should have a website

#Part 1: Customer engagement:

Website is always 24/7. No holiday  NO rest a user can access at any time. A customer visits the website with buying intention just you need to put your content (about your services etc.,)  then see the customer engagement.

Here two type of engagements are mingled with this approach

  1. Offline engagement
  2. Online engagement

Offline engagement has fewer engagements for consideration because in a single day 10 to 20 customers may contact you in that conversion is 1% means 1 sale

If we look into Online engagement more chances for consideration minimum 300 customers visit your website in a day in that take 1% see results how much you get when compare to offline definitely it higher than offline.

Just it happens with having a website with proper Digital marketing (SEO) methods.

If you take help from Digital marketing in a day you may get thousands of customers.

#Part2 – Double Income:

Multiplying your money = Double income

The secret success formula is for any business if you get $10 profit you must reinvest it at least $8.

Once owning a website you have to concentrate on Digital marketing because we want traffic to our website.

How a website double the money

You have to follow a proper way there are huge chances to get more profits only thing you need to do increase your traffic it will help you make more income.

For that, I listed some points for more traffic

  1. PPC Advertising –Pay per click (Google, Bing).
  2. Direct Banner advertising (Facebook, Instagram etc.,).
  3. Text link Ads
  4. Sponsored Reviews
  5. Private forum

All this being done by Digital marketer but initially not required once you started getting ROI (Return on Investment) go for Online Marketing.

And also you can do yourself Digital marketing if you have time to learn.

#Part3 – Recognition:

Identifying your business from crowded network

Online recognition is known as FAMOUS just like a film star.

When you get a recognition through online or offline your sales doesn’t need marketing whatever you sale 100% successes rate yours.

#Part4- Online Presence:

Visible to everyone who searches on online for your service or who type your website URL. Web presence at online gives a range to your business.

According to survey half of the small businesses are running without a website.

Some of the people think why small businesses need a website Whether it is small or big online presence is the must.

it works like a business card, promoter, Customer support Just think to have a website how you going to benefit.

#Part5: Foreign countries:

Initially, a Business starts with local customers then it spread to other levels if locally your success. But whereas in online automatically sends the foreign customers to your business website without any reinvestments.

Benefits with Foreign customers

  • Your business growth will increase tremendously.
  • High Revenue
  • More chance for international dealings

#Part6- Free Advertisement:

the main reason to have a website is for free advertisement other parts you can publish press releases like a media and one of the cheapest and best ways is advertising your own products and also you can advertise other company products on basis of fee payment.

#Part7: Why leave home you can do so much on your mobile and laptops

Yes, Technology brings many changes.

Without Tech we can’t move towards in this 4G period tech users are increasing rapidly. In this growing technology your business un presence at online how much you are going to lose.

Here tech means your website visibility on smartphones, laptops, tablets, Desktop.

Some of the clients told me that we don’t have that much knowledge to design a website.

In my point of view according to their perspective side, they are correct.

We need to remember one point i.e., old days are not equal to new days like that new days are not equal to old days

During initial days many people learn how to create a website themselves for saving money.

I also started my career like that but it took so many days to implement a website design.

Coding & Programming involved a lot of confusing aspects.

Here to view the success almost never worked for the newbie it takes more than 2 years to become a Web designer.

I started to create a website at that time I was charging clients thousand dollars because it was the only way to get profitable business.

But now things are change everything became automated and competition increased in business.

For this reason, Web Companies are offering huge discounts.

This total credit goes to rapidly evolving technology now anyone can create a good functional website with the help of wix.com, weebly.com  in just a few hours.

By explaining all aspects I hope you will launch a great website very soon.

One more thing those who are unaware of website creation I will show you my favorite Free 5 step system for you owning a website. You don’t need any knowledge just I will hold your hand and guide you all the way through each step.


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